483521917357 00T206NGMA01
(No Longer Available)

PHILIPS 483521917357 Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS 483521917357 Remote Control is substituted by Magnavox 00T206NGMA01 remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

Refurbished Replacement $18.95

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We recommend the following replacement

  • 00T206NGMA01/483521917659
    00T206NGMA01 Remote Control


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PHILIPS 483521917357 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: SRW2520101, SRW1950122, SRW135, SRW2020123, SRW195, SRB196, SRW252, SRA4532405, SRP4531101, SRW1950101, SRP4531102, SRP4531103, SRW1950121, SRA274, SSC2063808, T251AGSA01, SRC20218, SRB1365401, SRB1365404, SRP4534405, SRP453, SRA4530101, SRC1351101, SRW1950, SRA4530102, SRA4530103, SRC135, SRC2021802, SRP45311, SRP4531, SRP4531104, SRW1350101, SRW1351101, SRW2520104, SRW273, SSC263, SRA453, SRB136, SRC1351, SRC135101, SSC2636102

Compatible with models: S123AAAA02, SPP478, SRA253, SRA2530401, SRA2530802, SRA274, SRA453, SRA4530104, SRB1965421, SRB1965422, SRC1361404, SRC1361805, SRC195, SRC1950401, SRC1950421, SRC1950802, SRC1950822, SRC196, SRC202, SRC20214, SRC2021401, SRC2021802, SRP4531104, SSA454, SSA45452, SSA4545205, SSA4547, SSA45474, SSA4547406, SSA475, SSA47572, SSA4759, SSA47594, SSA4759407, SSA477, SSB206, SSB257, SSB25714, SSB2571401, SSB25718, SSB2571802, SSC195, SSC19564, SSC1956421, SSC1956822, SSC206, SSC2062106, SSC2063, SSC20634, SSC2063407, SSC2063808, SSC263, SSC273, SSC27384, SSC2738401, SSC2738802, SSC31841, SSC3184101, SSC3184102, SSC31842, SSC3184202, SSP454, SSP45462, SSP4546205, SSP45484, SSP4548406, SSP475, SSP476, SSP47604, SSP4760401, T213AGSA02

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917357 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917357 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Replacement: RAKSC515W, 483521917583, TXMTR T251AGSA0

Model: 483521917357
Part Number: SSC263
UPC: Philips
Catalogue No.: 12187

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