JVC RMC1280 Remote Control

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JVC RMC1280 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: AV2184VE, AV21CS24, AV21CX14, AV21DX14, AV21LX14, AV21VS24, AV21VX14, AV21VX54, AV21VX54/S, AV21VX74, AV21WS24, AV21WX14, AV21YX14, AV2584VE, AV25LS24, AV25LX14, AV25VS24, AV25VX54, AV25VX54/S, AV25VX74, AV2954W, AV2984V, AV29LS24, AV29LX14, AV29VS24, AV29VX54, AV29VX74, AV29WX14, AV29WX24, AV2134, AV2144, AV2153, AV2154, AV2174, AV2183, AV2184, AV2534, AV2553, AV2554, AV2583, AV2584, AV2934, AV2953, AV2954, AV2983, AV2984

Compatible with models: AV1403AE, AV1403FE, AV1404AE, AV1404F/E, AV1404FE, AV1407, AV14145/N, AV14148/N, AV1414FE, AV14A14, AV14A14/A, AV14A14/H, AV14A14/L, AV14AG14/U, AV14AMG4/G, AV14AMG4/S, AV14F114/B, AV14F14, AV14FMG4/G, AV14FMG4/S, AV16N214/V, AV17V214/V, AV17V314/V, AV20N14, AV20NMG4/G, AV20NMG4/S, AV20NX14, AV2103CE, AV2103DE, AV2103QE, AV2103TE, AV2103YE/SK, AV2104C/E, AV2104CE, AV2104D/E, AV2104DE, AV2104Q/E, AV2104QE, AV2104T/E, AV2104TE, AV2104Y/E, AV2104YE, AV2105, AV2107, AV2114YE, AV2134YE, AV2144LE, AV2154CE, AV2154LE, AV2154W/E, AV21C14, AV21C314/V, AV21CG14/U, AV21CMG4/G, AV21CS14/H, AV21CS24, AV21CX14, AV21CX14/A, AV21CX14/S, AV21D114/B, AV21D14, AV21DMG4/G, AV21DMG4/S, AV21DX14, AV21DX14/G, AV21DX14/S, AV21E14, AV21F14, AV21F24, AV21FMG4B/G, AV21L14, AV21L314/V, AV21LMG4/G, AV21LX14/G, AV21LX14/S, AV21T14, AV21T14/A, AV21T14/H, AV21TG14/U, AV21TMG4/G, AV21TMG4/S, AV21U4/SK, AV21V314/B, AV21V314/V, AV21V334/V, AV21V514/B, AV21V534/B, AV21VS14/H, AV21VS21, AV21VS24, AV21VS24/A, AV21VX14, AV21W314/B, AV21W314/V, AV21WMG5/G, AV21WS21, AV21WS24, AV21WS3, AV21WX14/G, AV21WX14/S, AV21WX14/U, AV21Y214/V, AV21YMG4/G, AV21YMG4/S, AV21YX14/G, AV21YX14/S, AV2553VE/SK, AV2554LE, AV25LS24, AV25LS3, AV25V314/B, AV25V314/V, AV25V334/V, AV25V514/B, AV25VS14/H, AV25VS21, AV25VS24, AV25VS24/A, AV2934L/ESK, AV2954W, AV29J314/B, AV29J334/V, AV29J534/B, AV29LS24, AV29LX14, AV29LX14/U, AV29V314/B, AV29V314/V, AV29V334/V, AV29V514/B, AV29V534/B, AV29VS14, AV29VS21, AV29VS24, AV29WS21, AV29WS3, AV29WX14, AV29WX24

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Product description

The original JVC RMC1280 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original JVC RMC1280 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

JVC COLOR TV Remote Control
Registered on 2004-03-24

Model: RMC1280
Part Number: RMC12802H
Associated Number: RM-C1280
Catalogue No.: 48048
Battery Required : 2 AA

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