JVC LP20303014 VCR Remote Control

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JVC LP20303014 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with VCR models: HRPV59U, HRSVP59U, HRVP58, HRVP580, HRVP58U, HRVP59U, HRVP59W, HRVP680, HRVP680U, HRVP682U, HRVP683U

Compatible with VCR models: HR4P4534, HRLTR1U, HRP782U, HRS29001U, HRS2901, HRS2901M, HRS2901U, HRS290IU, HRS29U, HRS35000, HRS3800U, HRS3900U, HRS3900UC, HRS3910U, HRS3912US, HRS4800S, HRS4800U, HRS5900U, HRS5900UC, HRS5901U, HRS5902U, HRS5902US, HRS5910U, HRS5911U, HRS5912U, HRS5912US, HRS7800U, HRS7900U, HRVP48U, HRVP680, HRVP680U, HRVP682U, HRVP683U, HRVP68U, HRVP728U, HRVP780U, HRVP782, HRVP7824, HRVP782U, HRVP783U, HRVP78U, HRVP790U, HRVP793U, HRVP8U, LP20337003B, LP20878001A, RHVP782U, RMC3841A, RMSXV523J

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original JVC LP20303014 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original JVC LP20303014 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

LP20303014, LP20303014A
Registered on 1999-09-01

Model: LP20303014
Part Number: LP20303014A
Associated Number: LP20303-014A
Catalogue No.: 3838
This remote control controls units : VCR
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    Perfect replacement. Quick delivery. Fair price, cost of shipping a little high. Again, quick delivery. Good company to deal with. Thanks.

    by Joseph on October 19, 2016.
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    Took a while to get but the new remote works great! Can't believe that I could get a new remote for my 20 year old JVC VCR.

    by Dane on August 03, 2016.
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    The remote that came with the VCR has worn out and was hard to make work. I had bought a universal one but there were features on the VCR that I could not access with it. That's when I went to the Internet to see what I could find. After ordering, I was afraid that it wouldn't come with the programming code. It didn't, but I didn't need it. It worked perfectly.

    by Anonymous on November 05, 2013.
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