CLU692GR RR692GR Hitachi
(No Longer Available)
RR692GR Hitachi

HITACHI CLU692GR TV Remote Control

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The original HITACHI CLU692GR Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR692GR Hitachi remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • RR692GR Hitachi/RR692GR
    RR692GR Hitachi Remote Control


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HITACHI CLU692GR Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 13GA1B, 19CH94, 50DX01B, 50ES14IB, 50ES1B, 50ES1K, 50EV10B, 50EX10, 50EX10B, 50EX11, 50EX11B, 50EX11BV, 50EX12B, 50EX12BA, 50EX12BX, 50EX20B, 50EX6, 50EX6K, 50EX8, 50EX8K, 50EXBV11, 50FX48B, 50UWX58B, 50UX11K, 50UX14B, 50UX22B, 50UX23K, 50UX26B, 50UX27K, 50UX58B, 53SDX89B, 55EX7, 55EX9K, 5OEX10B, 5OUX22BA, 60EX01B, 60EX01BA, 60EX38B, 60EX3EB, 60SX10B, 60UX54B, 60UX57B, 60UX58B, 60UX58K, CLU254, CLU264, CLU361U, CLU411U, CLU413U, CLU414UI, CLU415UI, CLU417UI, CLU418U, CLU419UI, CLU4311UG, CLU431UG, CLU851GR, CLU951GR, CLU951MP, CLU952, CLU952MP, HL00211, HL00213, HL00223, HL00224, HL00227, HL00229, HL00231, HL00234, HL00551, HL01421, HL01651, RCA9635, RCU800, S5EX9K, SC440, VTM348E, 46UX50B, 46UX51K, 50UX52B, 50UX53K, 60UX55K, 50SBX70B, 60SBX72B, 70SBX74B, 50UX57B, 35TX20B, 20SA4B, 35TX50B, 50EX13KA, 20AB2B, 20MA1B, 20SA2B, 20SA3B, 20SA5B, 2573971, 2765413, 27A3XB, 27AX0B, 27AX3, 27AX30BC, 27AX38, 27AX3B, 27AX40, 27AX4B, 27AX4B31D, 27AX5B, 27AX5BX, 27CX0, 27CX0B, 27CX1B, 27CX25B, 27CX4B, 27CX6B, 27CXOB, 27NX10BC, 27NX3BC, 27X0B, 310X21B, 316141K, 3194TB, 31CX3BC, 31CX45, 31CX48, 31CX4B, 31CX5B, 31CX6B, 31CXIB, 31DX11, 31DX11B, 31DX12B, 31DX21, 31DX21B, 31DX22, 31DX225, 31DX22B, 31GX31B, 31KV41K, 31KX11KC, 31KX1B, 31KX2B, 31KX39K, 31KX3K, 31KX41K, 31KX41KVTFUX, 31UX5B, 31X11B, 32CX10B, 32CX11B, 32CX7B, 35CX30B, 35TX10B, 35TX30B, 35TX59K, 35TX69K, 35UX60B, 35UX70B, 46EX3B, 46EX3BC, 46EX3V, 46EX4K, 46UX20B, 46UX24B, 4GEX3B

Compatible with TV models: 13GA1, 13GA1B, 13GA1BA, 205A35, 205A3B, 20MA1, 20MA1B, 20MA3B, 20SA2B, 20SA38, 20SA3B, 20SA3D, 20SA3V, 20SA4B, 20SA5B, 20SAB3B, 20SASB, 20SU3B, 2573757, 2573787, 2573971, 25CX5B, 27AX0B, 27AX3B, 27AX4B, 27AX5BX, 27CX0B, 27CX15B, 27CX1B, 27CX21B, 27CX22B, 27CX25B, 27CX5B, 27CX75B, 27CX7B, 27FX90, 2USA3B, 3194TB, 31CX4B, 31CX5B, 31CX6B, 31DX10B, 31DX11B, 31DX20B, 31DX21B, 31DX22B, 31DX31B, 31GX31B, 31KX2B, 31KX39K, 31KX41K, 31UX5B, 32CX10B, 32CX11B, 32CX32B, 32CX7B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 32TXTX79, 35CX45B, 35TX10B, 35TX20B, 35TX30B, 35TX50B, 35TX59K, 35TX69K, 35TX88, 35TX88B, 35TX89, 35TX89K, 35UX60B, 46EX3, 46EX38S, 46EX3B, 46EX3BS, 46EX4B, 46EX4K, 46UX12B, 46UX13K, 50EX10B, 50EX11B, 50EX11BV, 50EX12B, 50EX12BA, 50EX13K, 50EX13KA, 50EX6K, 50EX6R, 50EX8K, 50UX14B, 50UX15K, 50UX18B, 50UX19K, 50UX27K, 55EK9K, 55EX7K, 55EX9K, 60FX12B, 60SX12B, 60SX9K, CLU414UI, CLU850GR, CLU851GR, CLU951GR, CT1347, CT1394W, CT13C7, CT2033B, HL00223, RC146, RCU8700MSL, VTM181A

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original HITACHI CLU692GR Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original HITACHI CLU692GR Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


P/N: 2573922


TV Model: 27AX4B

Model: CLU692GR (is no longer available)
Replacement: RR692GR for Hitachi, This remote is not programmable.



Model: CLU692GR
Part Number: 2573922
Associated Number: CLU-692GR
Catalogue No.: 1112
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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