FUNAI NE220UD TV/DVD Combo Remote Control

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FUNAI NE220UD Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV/DVD Combo models: 6513DE, 6520FDE, 6520FDE/TV, C6513DE, C6520FDE, CSC520DE, EC520E, RSMGD134, RSMSD513E, RSMSD520FE

Compatible with TV/DVD Combo models: 19TVD3S, 3913LC, 6309CC, 6309CD, 6309CE, 6313CC, 6313CC/TV, 6313CD, 6313CE, 6319CC, 6413TEY, 6419TEY, 6420FB, 6420FE, 6420FF, 6420FG, 6424FF, 6427FD, 6427GG, 6427TF, 6432GG, 6432TD, 6432TE, 6432TF, 6509DD, 6509DD/TV, 6513DD, 6513DE, 6513DF, 6513VD, 6513VD/TV, 6519DD, 6519VD, 6520FDD, 6520FDE, 6520FDF, 6520FDF/TV, 6613LD, 6615LD, 6615LDF, 6615LDF/TV, 6615LDG, 6620LCT, 6620LDF, 6620LDF/TV, 6620LDG, 6620LDGA, 6620LDT, 6620LDTA, 6620LF4, 6620LFP, 6626LCT, 6637LCT, 6719DC, 6719DD, 6719DDS, 6720FDE, 6720FDG/TV, 6724DG/TV, 6727DC, 6727DC/TV, 6727dd, 6727DD/TV, 6727DE, 6727DF/TV, 6727DG/TV, 6727FDE, 6842PE, 6842PEM, 6842PFM, 6842THG, AK08, BL519DD, C6513DD, CST419E, CSTL20D, CSTL20D5, CSTL20D6, CSV20PFD, DCC0903D, EWC0902, EWC1302, EWC1302/TV, EWC1303, EWC1304, EWC13D4, EWC1902, EWC19T2, EWC19T4/TV, EWC20D3, EWC20D4, EWC20D5, EWC20D5/TV, EWC27T3, EWC27T4, EWC27T4/TV, EWF2004, F3809C, F3809U, ISTV040920, ISTV040921, MSD513E, MSD520FE, NE207UD, NE209UD, NE218UD, NE240UD, RSJ450AK03, SC309C, SC309D, SC309D/TV, SC309E, SC313C, SC313D, SC313E, SC319, SC319C, SC3913, SC513DF, SC519DD, SC520FDF, SC724FDF/TV, scr2113, SRTD413, SRTD420, SSC092, SSC509D, SSC719C, SSL15D5, SSL15D6, SST4323, ST413B, ST413E, ST419B, ST419E, ST423E, ST427F, ST427FF, ST4913, STL20D5, STL20D5/TV, SV2000, TV040921, WF206, WF20D4, WV13D5, WV20D5

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original FUNAI NE220UD Remote Control is available for special order.
The original FUNAI NE220UD Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: NE220UD
Part Number: NE220UD
UPC: Funai
Catalogue No.: 11646
This remote control controls units : TV/DVD Combo
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    It worked right away and was the correct model

    by Amy on October 06, 2016.
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    Remote works perfectly with our TV. We purchased the TV used with the built in DVD player. Could not find a remote that would work on both but this one controls TV and DVD player and works wonderfully.

    by Anonymous on March 02, 2016.
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