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  • Some of the Best Shows for Binge Watching05/02/2016
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    • “Parks and Recreation” – This is a great sitcom to binge watch, largely in part to Amy Poehler’s hilarious character Leslie Knope.
    • “Sherlock” – This UK series is one of the best Sherlock Holmes series to air on TV.
    • “The Walking Dead” – This FX series follows the lives of people after the zombie apocalypse.
    If you wear out your remote control binge watching your favorite shows, you can order a new one by calling ReplacementRemotes.com at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683) today. Binge Watching
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    • Roku 3 – There are at least 17 different types of streaming boxes on the market, but the Roku is probably the best of them all. One of the main advantages of the Roku is that it doesn’t prioritize streaming channels, and it lets you set the order you want your channels in, unlike the streaming products made by companies like Amazon that have channels and products to promote. The interface is also very easy to use and gives you a large selection of streaming channels to choose from. One downside: It can sometimes be slow, especially right after the TV is turned on. Roku also makes a streaming stick; it’s a bit slower, but it’s cheaper.
    • Chromecast – Chromecast is fast, is easy to use, and has a large number of channels to choose from. Unfortunately, some in-demand channels aren’t available, such as Amazon, Starz, and Encore. It balances that out with an increasing number of apps and add-ons. The streaming stick is also cheaper than a Roku box.
    • Fire TV – The main benefit of Amazon’s Fire TV is that it gives full access to Amazon Prime, including music streaming and lots of free videos. What it doesn’t have, however, is the same number of apps available for Chromecast or the sheer number of channels available through Roku.
    If you don’t mind some occasional slowness, and you want the most channels, Roku is the best choice. If you mostly just use Amazon, Fire TV is the obvious pick. If you like being able to customize your device with apps, Chromecast is the one for you. Order top of the line remote controls from Replacement Remotes today. Give us a call at 855-5-REMOTE.
  • Renewed 2016 TV Shows01/01/2016
    For those of you who have been tempted to try to remove access to specific networks from your RCA remotes because your favorite show was canceled, step away from the manual. Some of your favorite shows are making a comeback in 2016, and you don't want to miss them.

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    Some of the best shows are the ones that involve the average citizen showing off some skills, whether it's because they actually have talent or because they know how to operate a video camera. That's why shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, and America's Funniest Home Videos are definitely coming back in 2016. Of course, it isn't just contests that get people going, but the adventures of some of the most loved ... and hated characters on television. You might be surprised by some of the characters you'll see this year, like Meredith Grey. What? Yes, that's right, Grey's Anatomy is coming back in 2016. Along with it you can expect to see your favorite cast from Once Upon a Time, The Goldbergs, and Criminal Minds; and Big Bang Theory, Survivor, and Scorpion. Naturally, not all your favorite shows are going to make it back, but don't adjust your RCA remotes just yet. You never know what the new year will bring. Some shows haven't been decided yet, like the CSI series. One version has already been canceled, but the word isn't out yet on the Cyber version of this popular show. Keep in mind that even if you got a full list of what is and isn't coming back, contracts change all the time. Nothing is real until you see it on the screen. Remote control
  • Tips For Transferring Tapes & DVDs To Computer Files12/02/2015
    Whether it’s the chance to ditch old remote controls or to preserve cherished home movies from wear and tear, there are many reasons why people are transferring their favorite video content from VHS tapes and DVDs to computer files. The sad truth is that physical mediums like VHS tapes and DVDs will deteriorate over time, while storing digitized versions of your files on a computer or in the cloud will help protect the integrity of your videos for decades. VHS tapes have an average lifespan of just eight to 10 years before their quality deteriorates. DVDs have a longer lifespan, but are brittle and prone to being scratched or broken. If you’re considering transferring your video content from VHS tapes or DVDs, follow these tips to make sure you maintain the quality of your videos:
    • If possible, get a professional service to perform the conversion. Professional DVD to digital or VHS to digital services know all the tricks of the trade to ensuring high quality video transfers.
    • Research transfer equipment and software before buying. If you plan on doing the transfer on your own, research hardware and software for video conversion before making a purchase. Cheaper is not always better, and some hardware and software packages can help clean up quality issues with older video.
    • Consider the cloud. Transferring from VHS and DVD to the cloud is safer than storing your content on your computer and will allow you to access it from anywhere.
    Replacementremotes.com sells new and refurbished TV remote control devices for a wide variety of electronic devices. In addition to remotes, the company also provides TV stands, accessories, replacement product manuals, lights and much more. The company also operates a repair service for certain devices. To learn more, contact 1-877-671-7173.
  • How the Internet Changed Television11/18/2015

    Thanks to on-demand streaming, gone are the days of waiting weeks for explanations to our favorite TV show cliffhangers. With the advent of the Internet and the instantaneous technology it brought, all it takes is the click of a TV remote to fast forward through lengthy commercials, rent a new Hollywood blockbuster, or watch an entire season of your favorite show in one sitting.

    Movie Subscriptions

    Before Netflix began its movie subscription service in 1999, film lovers relied on local DVD rental stores like Blockbuster to fuel a weekend of marathon viewing. Most stores carried new movie releases, plus a small section of popular titles from years past. Not only were selections limited, but smaller stores also ran the risk of running out of copies of high-demand releases, resulting in disappointed customers.   

    With Netflix, consumers can rent DVDs and stream movies from a seemingly unlimited list, with diverse offerings ranging from new comedies to political foreign films. In addition to stocking nearly any title a movie lover could ask for, Netflix also lists full seasons of countless television shows.

    Streaming Services

    For years, cable TV has forced consumers to wait patiently for new episodes of their favorite shows. Thanks to the Internet, web-based services like Hulu, Roku, and AppleTV provide 24/7 access to top content. For a small fee, you can watch live broadcasts, full TV series, select movies, and more. It’s no wonder that so many are ditching their cable providers in favor of online streaming.

    With Netflix, AppleTV, and more as part of your home entertainment system, you can watch top movies and TV at any time. For accessories to complete your viewing experience, shop ReplacementRemotes.com. We carry universal remotes for household appliances, operating manuals, and more. View our selection online, or call 1-855-5-REMOTE to place an order.

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      2. Something tropical-inspired, like a Mai Tai. (4 points)
      3. I’m not a big fan of alcohol, so I’ll usually order a Mr. Pibb cola. (3 points)
      4. A classic Manhattan cocktail, to remind me of my favorite city. (2 points)
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      1. I love simple and comfortable clothes that can hold up against a little dirt. (2 points)
      2. Vintage-inspired clothing is my favorite, especially the groovy styles of the 70s. (3 points)
      3. I love Hawaiian shirts with floral motifs. (4 points)
      4. Most days, you can find me in a blazer, or a Member’s Only jacket if I’m feeling fancy.  (1 point)
    1. What’s your dream car?
      1. 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass  (1 point)
      2. 1971 Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon (3 points)
      3. If given the option, I’d prefer a boat. (4 points)
      4. 1967 Lincoln Continental (2 points)
    1. Which phrase best describes you?
      1. Hard working and not afraid to get your hands dirty (2 points)
      2. Resourceful and ready for anything (4 points)
      3. Sociable and love being the center of attention (1 point)
      4. Traditional and family-oriented (3 points)
    1. What is your ideal weekend adventure?
      1. An off-the-grid getaway to a lush island paradise. (4 points)
      2. A trip to the beach with family. (3 points)
      3. Hiking in the mountains of New England. (1 point)
      4. A luxurious stay in the New York Hamptons. (2 points)
    • Under 6 points: You’re the “Cheers” theme! You are a social butterfly who loves meeting new people. You’re also a great listener, and your peers look to you for advice and guidance.
    • 7 to 14 points: You are the “Green Acres” theme song! Though you consider yourself a city dweller at heart, you’ve proved that you feel at home in the country, too. You always look fashionable, whether you’re wearing yard work scrubs or a designer dress.
    • 15 to 19 points: You’re the “Brady Bunch” theme song! You’re dependable and reliable, and have a huge heart. Your family means everything to you.
    • 20 points or more: You’re the “Gilligan’s Island” theme! You’re lively, quick-witted, and ready for any challenge that comes your way.
    With the right remote, you can program your DVR to catch all your favorite classic television shows. ReplacementRemotes.com offers easy to program TV remotes that work with other home entertainment devices, including VCRs, stereos, and more. Shop our selection online, or call 1-855-5-REMOTE to place an order.
  • Sony to Release Combination TV Remote Control and Speaker Device in Japan09/01/2015

    The Japanese market is one full of unique and original entertainment devices and concepts. Among the latest is a combination TV remote control and speaker device developed by Sony. Sony intends to release the new product in late September 2015 in Japan for a price of $166 U.S. dollars. The device combines a remote speaker with a TV remote on top, along with a speaker volume control knob.

    While the device might seem a bit too far-fetched, consider the benefits of the device. Users will be able to bring the sound from the TVs, to them, just about anywhere in their home. Instead of having to blast the TV volume, the speaker can be placed in front of the user on an end table or night stand. The device is perfect for smaller homes with children. People get to enjoy their favorite programs and not worry about waking up their kids.

    For those who like preparing meals while watching cooking shows, there is no reason to move the TV into the kitchen. If all you need are the step-by-step instructions, you can bring the device into the kitchen to listen, and follow along to prepare the dish. Additionally, the device is perfect for people who like listening to the news and weather while they get ready for work, and who do not have time to sit in front of the TV.

    While Sony does not currently have plans to release the device in the United States, you can still obtain Sony remote controls for your Sony devices directly from Replacement Remotes. Call 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683) now for further assistance.