CARVER RH28V Remote Control

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Notice: The original CARVER RH28V remote control is no longer available.

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Model: RH28V
Part Number: RH28V
Catalogue No.: 52

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    The Panasonic  Class ST60 series is a mid-level plasma TV equipped with a better-than-average TV remote control. It is one of the last plasma models that Panasonic released prior to the announcement that they would not be manufacturing any more of this type of TV. Many people feel that purchasing a plasma TV is not a good investment, but technology has come a long way from the plasmas of the past. Burn-in is rarely an issue for most plasma TVs. The picture is really good, especially for watching TV or a good movie. However, gaming on this television is not recommended. It does have some input lag, but, if you are not a gamer, this simply does not apply. It is the least expensive of the Panasonic TVs to boast picture quality this good. This series of TVs comes in 50 (TC-P50ST60), 55 (TC-P55ST60), 60 (TC-P60ST60), and 65 (TC-P65ST60) inch models. The external appearance of the TV was given careful attention by Panasonic. They called the design “glass and metal,” which is quite fitting. The chrome edging and black, glossy frame give it a minimalistic approach. The external features rival that of a high end LCD/LED style TV. The Panasonic N2QAYB000837 remote control shipped with the Class ST60 series has a logical layout, and the buttons are clear and easy to read. The labeling on the remote allows you to effortlessly control the TV without searching for buttons. It even has a dedicated Netflix button for use with its Smart TV suite. All in all, this is a solid TV. Panasonic is known for quality, even at a time when the company is perceived to be having problems.