ANDERIC RRY133A Sony TV Remote Control

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ANDERIC RRY133A Sony Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 13TR20, 146527411, 146712511, 146712512, 146762211, 146762212, 147309411, 147322311, 147329411, 147374831, 147728011, 169311311, 169311312, 169311322, 169311411, 169311412, 169311421, 169311422, 169312511, 2792R, 27EXR15, 27EXR25, 27KVXBR37, 27TS30, 36XBR800, 7XBR36, 991099931, A1470681A, A1470710A, A1470711A, A1470718A, A1470719A, A1470792A, A1470793A, A1470904A, A1470922A, ARM783, AV27TW77, CCDTRV41, CDPC321, CGR3742ADW, CKV20E, CKV20EXR, CKV20HX1, CKV27EXR, CKV27HX1, CMON531, D16931132, DCRTRR8, DP46S25, DP46XBR35, DPR46DX10, DTRHD1, DV321XBR76, FLASHKV27V10, HAV560, HP46S25, JKR985RR, K2063R, K27TS20BLK, K53S25, KB32CNT45, KB9PT20, KC32S16, KN27V10, KN32TW78, KP41EXR96, KP41T1, KP41T15, KP453V25, KP45S15, KP46215, KP46515, KP4651S, KP46525, KP466S15, KP46A25, KP46EX35, KP46F25, KP46S15, KP46S25, KP46V15, KP46V16, KP46V2, KP46V25, KP46XBR35, KP4CV25, KP4V6V25, KP5040, KP5050, KP52S25, KP53515, KP53525, KP53535, KP535S25, KP53825, KP53AS25, KP53S15, KP53S23, KP53S25, KP53S25XX, KP53V15, KP53V16, KP53V25, KP53XBR25, KP53XBR35, KP61V15, KP61V1BLK, KP61V25, KPR36X, KPR36XBR, KPR410, KPR4100, KPR4110, KPR4150, KPR41DS1, KPR41DS2, KPR41EXR95, KPR41EXR95BLK, KPR41EXR96, KPR4600, KPR4600A, KPR4600B, KPR4620, KPR46C, KPR46CX10, KPR46CX25, KPR46CX35, KPR46CX50, KPR46DX10, KPR46E, KPR46EX, KPR46EX20, KPR46EX30, KPR46EX30/, KPR46EX35, KPR46EX35BLK, KPR46EXR15, KPR46EXR15BLK, KPR46V15, KPR530, KPR5300M, KPR53C, KPR53CX35, KPR53EX20, KPR53EX25, KPR53EX35, KPR53EXR15, KPR53EXR35, KPR61V15, KPS3525, KPS3V15, KR27TS27, KR53S25, KRP53EXR15, KT46S25, KU19TR20, KU19TS20, KU20TS20, KU27TS32, KV10FM, KV10FMR, KV10FMR20, KV10KMR20, KV1326R, KV1370R, KV1380R, KV1393R, KV1396R, KV13EXR90, KV13EXR91, KV13FXB91, KV13TR, KV13TR10, KV13TR14, KV13TR20, KV13TR24, KV13TR27, KV13V50, KV13VM21, KV1925RA, KV1926RA, KV1927, KV1927R, KV1927RA, KV1928R, KV1928RA, KV1929R, KV1929RA, KV1935R, KV1937HA, KV1938HA, KV1946, KV1946R, KV1948, KV1948R, KV1967, KV1970R, KV1971R, KV1975, KV1975R, KV1976R, KV1981R, KV1992R, KV1993R, KV1996R, KV1997R, KV1998R, KV19DS20, KV19TR, KV19TR10, KV19TR20, KV19TS, KV19TS10, KV19TS20, KV2020, KV2020R, KV2027R, KV2037RS, KV2040, KV2040R, KV2063R, KV2064R, KV2070MES, KV2071, KV2071R, KV2072ME5, KV2073, KV2073R, KV2075R, KV2080, KV2080R, KV2084R, KV2090R, KV2091R, KV2092ME2, KV2092R, KV2093ME3B, KV2093R, KV2094, KV2094R, KV2095R, KV20EX, KV20EXP20, KV20EXR10, KV20EXR20, KV20EXR90, KV20HFR, KV20ST27, KV20TD27BLK, KV20TR10, KV20TR11, KV20TR12, KV20TR21, KV20TR22, KV20TRH1, KV20TS, KV20TS10, KV20TS11, KV20TS12, KV20TS13, KV20TS20, KV20TS21, KV20TS22, KV20TS23, KV20TS24, KV20TS27, KV20TS27BLK, KV20TS28, KV20TS30, KV20TX10, KV20TX11, KV20TX12, KV20V50, KV20V56, KV20V60, KV20XBR, KV2127R, KV2137RS, KV2140RWP, KV2182, KV21TW67, KV21XBR, KV24XBR26, KV2511R, KV25DXR, KV25XBR, KV2625R, KV2648R, KV2649, KV2649R, KV2649RX, KV2650R, KV2650RX, KV2675R, KV2680, KV2680R, KV2681, KV2681R, KV2690R, KV2691R, KV2697R, KV2710, KV271W77, KV2725, KV2725R, KV2726, KV2726R, KV2729, KV2729R, KV2730R, KV2735R, KV2737R, KV2765, KV2765R, KV2771, KV2771R, KV2775R, KV2780, KV2780R, KV2781R, KV2782, KV2782R, KV2783R, KV2784, KV2784R, KV2785, KV2785R, KV2786, KV2786R, KV2790R, KV2791R, KV2792R, KV2793, KV2793R, KV2794, KV2794R, KV2795R, KV27BR36, KV27DS1, KV27DS2, KV27DS20, KV27DS21, KV27DS22, KV27DS23, KV27DS24, KV27ER25, KV27EX, KV27EXR, KV27EXR10, KV27EXR15, KV27EXR20, KV27EXR25, KV27EXR75, KV27EXR90, KV27EXR95, KV27FS12, KV27FS16, KV27FV15, KV27FV16, KV27HF, KV27HF3, KV27HFR, KV27HSR10, KV27S10, KV27S15, KV27S22, KV27S25, KV27S26, KV27S35, KV27S36, KV27SXR10, KV27T32, KV27T520, KV27TA27, KV27TR10, KV27TR20, KV27TR21, KV27TR22, KV27TS, KV27TS11, KV27TS20, KV27TS21, KV27TS22, KV27TS23, KV27TS24, KV27TS25, KV27TS26, KV27TS27, KV27TS2727, KV27TS27BLK, KV27TS29, KV27TS30, KV27TS31, KV27TS32, KV27TS35, KV27TS35BLK, KV27TS36, KV27TW, KV27TW70, KV27TW70WOOD, KV27TW71, KV27TW75, KV27TW76, KV27TW77, KV27TW78, KV27TWZ5, KV27TX, KV27TX10, KV27TX11, KV27TX12, KV27TX13, KV27TX20, KV27TX40, KV27U10, KV27V1, KV27V10, KV27V10GRY, KV27V15, KV27V25, KV27V26, KV27V35, KV27V36, KV27V36A, KV27V55, KV27W76, KV27W78, KV27XB, KV27XBP10, KV27XBR10, KV27XBR15, KV27XBR25, KV27XBR26, KV27XBR35, KV27XBR36, KV27XBR37, KV27XBR37/, KV27XBR37M, KV27XBR5, KV27XBR50, KV27XBR51, KV27XBR55, KV27XBR60, KV27XBR65, KV27XBR70, KV27XBR96S, KV287XBR51, KV28TW77, KV2970M, KV2975M, KV29RS10, KV29RS10C, KV29RS15, KV29RS25, KV29RS25C, KV29RS26, KV29RS26C, KV29V10M, KV29V11C, KV29V15K, KV29V2, KV29V25K, KV29V35C, KV29V36C, KV29V55C, KV29V55M, KV29V65M, KV29V66M, KV29V75M, KV29V76M, KV29XB, KV29XBR85, KV29XBR85BLAC, KV30TS27, KV3215, KV3223BR36, KV324W77, KV32515, KV32516, KV32525, KV3267, KV32BR35, KV32CX, KV32CX10, KV32FS10, KV32FS12, KV32FS16, KV32FV15, KV32FV16, KV32FV26, KV32HS, KV32HS500, KV32HSR10, KV32RW75, KV32S10, KV32S12, KV32S15, KV32S16, KV32S25, KV32S26, KV32S35, KV32S36, KV32SBR75, KV32SX, KV32SXR10, KV32T536, KV32T546, KV32TE77, KV32TS20, KV32TS20BLK, KV32TS35, KV32TS36, KV32TS46, KV32TV67, KV32TW25, KV32TW26, KV32TW27, KV32TW6, KV32TW67, KV32TW68, KV32TW75, KV32TW76, KV32TW77, KV32TW770, KV32TW78, KV32TX77, KV32U15, KV32V15, KV32V16, KV32V25, KV32V26, KV32V263, KV32V35, KV32V36, KV32W77, KV32XB, KV32XBR10, KV32XBR15, KV32XBR25, KV32XBR26, KV32XBR31, KV32XBR35, KV32XBR36, KV32XBR37, KV32XBR50, KV32XBR51, KV32XBR55, KV32XBR64, KV32XBR645, KV32XBR65, KV32XBR70, KV32XBR75, KV32XBR75WOOD, KV32XBR76, KV32XBR96S, KV32XBRS10, KV32XR37, KV34RS26C, KV34V15C, KV34V35C, KV34V36C, KV3575, KV35S22, KV35S26, KV35S35, KV35S36, KV35V26, KV35V35, KV35V36, KV35V45, KV35V75, KV35V76, KV36FS10, KV36FS12, KV36FS16, KV36FS500, KV36FV15, KV36FV16, KV36FV26, KV36HS500, KV36SBR800, KV36XBR55, KV36XBR800, KV37RS26, KV37TS35, KV37V36M, KV40VBR800, KV40XB800, KV40XBR80, KV40XBR800, KV46S15, KV46S25, KV46V35, KV50SBR800, KV50XBR800, KV53V15, KV53V25, KV53V35, KV72EXR20, KV8AD1, KV8AD11, KV8AD12, KV8AD14, KV9PT20, KV9PT40, KVE2TW77, KVM1400, KVM1400A, KVM1400B, KVM1400D, KVM1400E, KVM1400K, KVM1400L, KVM1400U, KVM1401, KVM1401D, KVM1401K, KVM1401U, KVM2100, KVM2100A, KVM2100B, KVM2100B2, KVM2100D, KVM2100E, KVM2100K, KVm2101, KVM2101D, KVM2101K, KVM2101U, KVP46V, KVP46V15, KVT27TW70, KVZ7XBR10, KX1410, KX1410QM, KX2110, KX2110QM, KX35V35, KX35V36, PS20105, PVM2030, PVM253, PVM2530, REM147322411, RM703, RM708, RM718, RM720, RM722, RM727, RM730, RM731, RM734, RM735, RM736, RM740, RM743, RM746, RM747, RM756, RM758, RM761, RM761A, RM762, RM762A, RM763, RM771, RM782, RMK1T, RMTV130F, RMTV402, RMV302, RMV60, RMX14, RMY104, RMY105, RMY107, RMY110, RMY111, RMY112, RMY112A, RMY113, RMY113A, RMY115, RMY118, RMY118/RMY122, RMY118RMY122, RMY122, RMY122146762211, RMY127, RMY131, RMY132, RMY133, RMY135A, RV321W78, RVP460, SADB2, SLV555, SLV555HF, SLV555UC, SLV555VC, SLVX71, SLVX711ME, SLVX711ME/, SON/KV27S25, SONKP41T65, SONKP46555, SONKP46C36, SONKP46C65, SONKP46S55, SONKP535S35, SONKP53S55, SONKV27V36, SONKV32S26, SONKV32V25, SONKV32V26, SONKV35V35, SONKV35V36, SONKV3SV75, SP53V15, SPPM920, SVO150, V32TS36

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original ANDERIC RRY133A Sony Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRY133A Sony Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RRY133A remote control replaces many original equipment Sony TV remotes. The RRY133A will work right out of the package for compatible Sony TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RRY133A is a pre-programmed Sony TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like MENU, INPUT and of course, all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a manufacturers 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Additional information:

• This remote only works RRY133A Sony Trinitron TVs
• This remote will NOT program to any other devices (DVD players, Cable boxes, etc.)
• Full MENU features are supported with this remote
• 1-YEAR replacement warranty included
• Replaces many models including (but not limited to): RM-Y133A, RMY133A, RR-Y133, 147322411
WARNING: Before ordering this remote, please compare the buttons on this remote with the buttons on your original remote to make sure this remote will operate all the buttons you need.

Model: RRY133A Sony
Part Number: RRY133A
UPC: 895612001084
Catalogue No.: 6335
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    The smaller Anderic remote control is working well and has no problems. It is helpful to have a picture of the larger original Sony remote control to compare with. The replacement remote has same buttons but smaller and more compact. This item was bought for a friend and they are happy with it.

    by Wilton on June 06, 2016.
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    The remote control arrive on time and worked great.

    by Anonymous on March 26, 2016.
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    They really twisted my arm to rate this purchase from them as excellent. Ha Ha Is a good company. That is why I have done business with them again.

    by Anonymous on December 16, 2014.
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    Remote promptly shipped. Excellent, polite customer service. The item works fine, as advertised. I would recommend ordering from your firm.

    by Anonymous on July 25, 2014.
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    works great

    by Anonymous on March 29, 2014.
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    Everything was all good!

    by Anonymous on January 12, 2014.
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    Great replacement.

    by Anonymous on March 20, 2013.
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