ANDERIC RR5713 HITACHI TV Remote Control

Notice: The original ANDERIC RR5713 HITACHI remote control is no longer available.

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ANDERIC RR5713 HITACHI Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 205A2B, 20SA2B, 20SA4B, 27AX0B, 27AX1B, 27AX3B, 27AX4B, 27AZX3B, 27CX4B, 27CXOB, 27MM10B, 27MM20B, 27MM20BA, 27MMV30B, 27MMV40B, 31CX4B, 31DX11B, 31DX21B, 31DX22B, 31GX31B, 31KX39K, 31KX41K, 31KX41X, 31UX5B, 32CX39B, 32FX31B, 32FX41B, 32FX48B, 32FX49B, 32GX01B, 32HDT20, 32HDT20B, 32HDT20M, 32HDT50, 32HDT55, 32HDX60, 32UDX105, 32UDX10B, 32UDX10BA, 32UDX10S, 32UDX10SA, 32UX5113, 32UX513, 32UX51B, 32UX54B, 32UX58B, 32UX59B, 32VDX10S, 332HDT20, 35TX10B, 35TX69K, 35UX60B, 36CX35B, 36CX39B, 36FX42B, 36FX48B, 36FX49B, 36GX01B, 36SDX015, 36SDX015R, 36SDX01S, 36SDX01SR, 36SDX88, 36SDX88B, 36SDX88D, 36UDX10S, 36UDX10SA, 36UX52B, 36UX58B, 36UX59B, 42EDT41, 42EDT41A, 42HDT20, 42HDT20A, 42HDT20M, 42HDT50, 42HDT50M, 42HDT55, 42HDX60, 42HDX60M, 430WX10B, 43DX01B, 43EDX10B, 43FD01B, 43FDX01, 43FDX018, 43FDX01B, 43FDX01B1, 43FDX01D, 43FDX108, 43FDX10B, 43FDX11B, 43FOX01B, 43GX01B, 43RFDX10B, 43UDX10B, 43UWX10B, 45EX2B, 4650SX2K, 4650UX11K, 4650UX7B, 4650UX8B, 4660SX1K, 46EX2B, 46EX3B, 46GX01B, 46UX10, 46UX10/11, 46UX1011, 46UX10B, 46UX10BF, 46UX11K, 46UX11KF, 46UX78B, 46UX78K, 46UX7B/K, 46UX7BK, 46UX7K, 46W500, 50CX29B, 50ES1B, 50EX11BV, 50EX2K, 50EX39B, 50EX8K, 50FX30B, 50GX49B, 50HDT50, 50HDT50M, 50HDT55, 50HDT55M, 50HDX60, 50SBX01, 50SBX01B, 50UWX10BA, 50UX1113, 50UX11K, 50UX7B, 50UX7K, 50UX8, 50UX8W, 50V500, 50V500A, 50V500E, 50V500G, 50VX500, 51G500A, 51S500, 51S700, 51SUX20B, 51SWX20, 51SWX20B, 51TWX20B, 51XWX20B, 52FDX01B, 53, 535BX01BA, 535SBX01B, 53BX01B, 53BX01BA, 53DX01B, 53FDX01B, 53FDX01BA, 53FDX0B, 53FX01B, 53IDX01B, 53SBC01B, 53SBX01, 53SBX01B, 53SBX01BA, 53SBX10, 53SBX10B, 53SDX01B, 53SDX101B, 53SDXD1B, 53SWX01B, 53SWX01W, 53SWX101W, 53SWX10B, 53SWX12B, 53SWX1OB, 53UDX10B, 53UDX10BA, 53UWX10B, 53UWX10BA, 53UWX1OB, 53UX10B, 55DMX01W, 55DMX01W FULL MANUAL, 55DMX01WD, 55EX9K, 55FX48A, 55FX48B, 57S500, 57S700, 57SWX20B, 57T500, 57T500/A, 57T500A, 57twx20b, 57WWX20B, 57X500, 57XWX20B, 60CX29B, 60EX39B, 60SX1K, 60SX2B, 60SX2K, 60SX9K, 60UX2K, 60V500, 60V500A, 60V500E, 60VX500, 615BX01B, 615BX01BA, 615SDX01B, 61SBK01BA, 61SBX01, 61SBX01B, 61SBX01BA, 61SDX01B, 61SEX01W, 61SWX01, 61SWX01B, 61SWX01W, 61SWX10B, 61SWX12B, 61SX10B, 61UBX10B, 61UDX10B, 61UWX10B, 61UWX10BA, 655WX20B, 65S500, 65S700, 65SWX10B, 65SWX20B, 65T500, 65T500/A, 65T500A, 65TWX20B, 65X500, 65XWX20B, AVC20, AVC50, CLU120S, CLU381UG, CLU4325UG, CLU433FC, CLU435U, CLU443FC, CLU5711TSI, CLU5723TSI, CLU5726TSI, CLU572TSI, CLU577TSI, CLU579TSI Remote Manual with Codes, CLU620PR, CLU660GR, CLU850GR, CLU950GRII, CMP420V1, CMP420V2, CPL950, CT4533K, CT5533K, CT7872B, CT7893B, CT7894BC, CU4601K, CU50018, CU5001B, CY75, d56w25, HitachiSubForHL01322, HL00724, HL00726, HL01322, HL01325, HL01327, HL01641, HL01643, HL01826, HL01832, HL01835, HL10323, MDXP1, QR20861, RBF480PV, S3SDX01B, VHR5212, VTF392A, VTRM392A, Y3FDX10B

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

This remote control will only work Hitachi TV Functions. Does not need to be programmed. Just Point and Shoot!!!
Will not program to other units.
Will Work All TV Models Listed Below.

Model: RR5713 HITACHI
Part Number: RR5713
UPC: 895612001114
Catalogue No.: 55956
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    Great quality

    by Anonymous on March 20, 2014.
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    Great website. Came on time.

    by Anonymous on February 15, 2014.
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    Daily tv watching, on an old school big screen but it has Picture in picture which rocks and you can't find anymore.

    by Anonymous on September 19, 2013.
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    product is of good quality and easy to use.

    by Anonymous on August 16, 2013.
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    its a remote. it works and it was not very expensive

    by Anonymous on August 11, 2013.
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    My kids use the Hitachi 65s500 TV for video games and watching TV. The original remote stopped working and its replacement was $40. I didn't want to spend that much on a remote to switch inputs on the 9 year old TV for their PS3 or Wii U to be used. I bought this one for $15 and it works perfectly.

    by Anonymous on July 16, 2013.
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